2 seasons, 16 stories, all in 2 books

Here is the descriptions:

Season One

You may want to turn on all the lights and lock the doors.

You’ll get some relief, not all of these books are scary. 

But the ones that are… Well… 


Love is a many splendid thing. It can make you blind. It can make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. It can make you go crazy. In this fast-paced romantic thriller, we see that love can be the end of all things. A kiss can contain eternal bliss or eternal madness.
What would you do for Love? George would do anything. 

The Old Couple

Pete checks on his elderly parents at least once a week. The countless visits all melt into one, but it doesn’t matter how many boring visits he has with his parents. He makes these visits with a sense of foreboding. Will this be the last time? Pete and his wife have a different visit this time around. One that is far worse than death.


Jakob the motel clerk opened a door one day. A door that should have stayed closed. Being immune to a virus that will kill off most of the world’s population seems like winning the lottery at first. That is until you realize you killed most of the people you loved just by being around them. Sometimes the virus is in your mind. What would you do if you were the last person on Earth?


Loneliness creeps up on Burk as she floats miles above the Earth. The small blue dot in her field of vision is starting to annoy her and worry her. Scared she is losing her vision, she calls home and learns something bigger than she could ever imagine. Something that will change reality.

Bike Ride

An idyllic summer bike ride takes a turn into darkness.
Ryan is excited about the first day of school, he is even more excited about seeing his best friend and his crush, Jen. Sometimes the road less traveled shouldn’t be taken.

Nurse Doe

Jeff’s cancer has metastasized and he is preparing himself for death. He has never married and he has no children. At thirty-five years old he’s never found the one. Until he meets Nurse Madison. A mysterious woman whom no one knows anything about. 
Jeff is smitten. This is the woman of his dreams. The best part is she can cure Jeff. But in doing so could make her have to leave his reality. 


His wife and newborn died in childbirth. Max’s life is hollow until he meets himself at a bar one night. His other self looks fresh. Max wants his life.


In Charlotte’s world there are no happy days only dreary moments. A world that used to be wonderful, that is what the old ones say. 
Sometimes death is the only way out. 

Her tribe is one of love. Their lives are ones of misery. They exist by constantly foraging for food. Once a week one of the tribe gets the sweet release. They get to take the leap into another world. 

Sometimes dying is the only way to happiness. Would you take the leap?

Season Two

Get all eight episodes of Night portals Season Two in one great value

Ernie Howard’s Night Portals Series is perfect for fans of, The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, Creepshow.

Praise for Ernie Howard’s Night Portals:

★★★★★ I could feel the darkness of that finale seep into my pores and horrifically invade my senses. And I certainly didn’t expect it to end the way it did! – The Indie Athenaeum

The Eight Episodes of Season Two are:

Ding Dong Ditch

Edgar is President of the homeowner’s association and the most hated man in the neighborhood.

The Wheel of Karma is about to go clickety-clack. Edgar thinks he’s ready for it. But is he? Are any of us when our misdeeds come back to haunt us?

We Are Mist

Macy hasn’t stepped foot in her grandparent’s house in fifteen years. She should have never come back.

Macy’s Grams is old and about to die. Feeling guilt from her mom and the respect she has for her already deceased grandfather; Macy goes back to a place she vowed never to go again.

A pleasant memory of a warm summer day turns dark as Macy starts to realize there was always something very wrong with this part of her life. Her last visit to her grandparents’ house puts her face to face with an ancient evil that never wanted to let her go.


Victor is positive his friends were murdered

Murdered by an old high school classmate of his, Ruby Worklow. Scott only had a broken leg. And Trish had barely a sniffle. They all had one thing in common. Ruby was the last person they had talked to. Ruby is now a soft spoken social worker whose motto is, she just wants to help. But Victor isn’t buying it. He sets off monitoring Ruby’s every move, against the wishes of his wife. This isn’t a normal case of murder. Victor is about to see just how deep a hole into the darkness he has dug. Will he survive Ruby’s help? 

Merry Christmas from the End

Brant loved being a mom and wife. She enjoyed her mundane life of getting her kids off to school and getting her nails done with her friends. So, when a series of events cause a nuclear war Brant’s life changes drastically.

After two years of survival she is the only one left of her family. Just before she is about to take her own life, warmth and comfort are set out before her, and a Christmas present from the past becomes her salvation.

The Coffee House

Brady Townsend has to find a different place to get his morning cup of coffee. His normal coffee house has run out. The only place he knows of is in a bad part of town that he never goes. The germaphobe encounters his worst nightmare, a homeless person.

Brady gets more than just a cup of coffee. He gets a lesson in life and empathy. 


After the death of his grandfather, Joey Eckles only has two things he cares about, His friends and the treasured pocketknife his grandpa gave him.

After an unfortunate incident with the town bully, Joey learns just how special his friends and the pocketknife are when he realizes there is no death only a changing of scenery.

The Curious Life of a Cadaver

It’s an amazing thing to be given a human body. According to Dr. Joshua Lansing, it gives you some time to reflect on your life. Your good deeds, and your horrible secrets you took to the grave. Or so you think. Yes, death is quite a gift of meditation, at least until they turn the bone saw on. That thing is so loud.

Infinite Time

If I stop, we don’t exist.

Shawn’s wife Audrey is having a psychotic break, or at least it seems that way. She writes strange symbols into notebooks and won’t stop to even go to the bathroom. She says she can’t stop or the world they live in will cease to exist. 

Happy Reading!


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