It has been a long time

Walter Book Two is live!

After years of wondering if I was ever going to write a sequel to Walter. And after years of just trying to figure out what should happen to my two main characters… The day I have been thinking about for years. No joke, YEARS. Is finally here. Launch day!

Walter thought he and Ariel were just along for the ride. Until The Man told them they were their own heroes

The planet of Scracoo sits in a galaxy so far away from the Milky Way that the stars that Ariel and Walter once knew are gone from their vision. They have arrived at their next destination only to find out that the next two survivors from this planet have to be led to the ship. Ariel and Walter are put to the task almost against their will.

Walter and Ariel find themselves rocketing across the desert landscape to find the…

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My first book in this series is free!

Walter Book One is free

Since 2014, my title Walter has been exclusive on Amazon. Just recently I took it off of Kindle unlimited so I could give it away for free. Mainly because Book two and three are set to launch in the coming months.

So if you have never read the first book in my Walter series you can do so now.

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Sample of my Kindle Vella Story, Chatsworth Manor

Sample of my Kindle Vella story, Chatsworth Manor.

So, I have been writing an episodic story for Kindle Vella. It has been a process but it seems to be coming along. I only have four episodes done but the fifth is almost ready to be published.

I figured it would be a good idea to share a piece of the first episode with you. I hope you enjoy and check out the episodes. By the way, the first three episodes are free to read.

Chatsworth Manor Sample Episode One

“I get the chair!” Rachel said. She ran to the small living room that was in the back of the house. My dad always called it the only room that got used.

The chair as Rachel had called it, was nothing special. The person who got it though could plop it directly in the middle of…

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I will never get rid of this cover

A World Without is free. Free Books!

The story came quick almost like it had been sitting in my brain for years. I’d been wanting to publish my first piece of fiction on Amazon. Then I would be a full-fledged indie author. So, I wrote the short story in a day. Put together a cover using a picture of my wife and a ones and zeros graphic I found on a photo editor and yay! There you have it, folks.

I know that it looks amateurish and I should probably redo it, but it reminds me of a time when publishing was new for me. And looking at the cover always keeps me humble.

Since then my writing and graphic design skills have improved a ton. I still have to say that this story still packs a punch. That’s why every once in a while I put it up for free on Amazon.

So, if you would…

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The Wait is over. Book Two is here

Walter book two is finally here!

Everything will be okay. The Man said so.

So, after seven years I finally got around to writing the sequel to Walter. Walter is one of my most popular titles. It follows a thirteen-year-old boy who speaks to a person on the TV, that calls himself “The Man”.

The man tells Walter that something is bad is coming and that he needs to prepare.

No other book of mine has ever gotten the attention that this story has received. For years people have been asking, What happens to Walter and when is book two coming out.

Well, my friends, the wait is over. You can now Pre-Order book two.

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It is the 5 year anniversary of my book, The Pool

It is the five-year anniversary of my book, The Pool.

Quick post, my friend.

It’s the five year anniversary of this little ditty.

This one will always be one of my favorites. 1) because it was my first novel. 2) because of how easy it was to write. It was also a weird transitioning for me. I was writing about the town I grew up in but also being a fairly new dad, I was pulling away from the past and writing about all my new fears and hopes.

This one is always going to stick with me. Hope you like it. If you have already read, The Pool, I hope you enjoyed it.

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