Number 13 is here! I present to you, The Coffee House

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Greetings my friend. It has been a while since I posted a blog, but I have an excuse. I’ve been writing new books and stories. My most recent being The Coffee House. The 13th book in my Night Portals Series. Here’s the description:

Brady just wants a coffee. Instead, he gets to experience someone else’s life.

Brady Townsend has to find a different place to get his morning cup of coffee. His normal coffee house has run out. The only place he knows of is in a bad part of town that he never goes to. The germaphobe encounters his worst nightmare, a homeless person.

Brady gets more than just a cup of coffee. He gets a lesson in life and empathy. Things are not always the way look. Sometimes that can be very dangerous.

This is the 5th story of season two of The Night Portals Series

I can’t believe how many of these shorts I’ve done since I’ve started a couple years ago. I wanted to write good stories in a short amount of time and I think I have accomplished some of that goal. Still have more to write though!

So, here is the latest Night Portals Story. Hope you dig it, the link is below or just click the image.


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