5 Indie Authors You Should Be Reading

**DISCLAIMER** Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and I do earn a small commission from them.

We live and breathe words. – Cassandra Clare

Going it alone can be one of the most rewarding and scary things in an authors life. It is a practice that keeps getting more and more popular as publishing gets easier. And I say, Hell Ya!

DIY culture is something I grew up on and embrace today. I myself am an Indie author and I am proud to call myself one. Here is a list of only a few of my indie friends. They are all great writers and I am a fan of their work.

I am going to do this every Tuesday. These list are not in order of who I think is best just numbered for your viewing pleasure. Or something…

5) D.K. Cassidy

4) Daniel Arthur Smith

3) Stefan Bolz

2) Artie Cabrera

1)Jon Frater

I assure you my friend, not one of these authors will let you down. Also, if you would like to find more great authors, visit Chris Fried’s review site https://theindieathenaeum.wordpress.com/


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