Sample from Bike Ride, a Night Portals Short Story

Sample from Bike Ride, a Night Portals Short Story.

Sample from Bike Ride

They sat there most of the day.

There were many more tender kisses and talk that Ryan had never had before in his life. The day was perfect, and Ryan knew it wouldn’t last. The sun was already starting to make its way behind the trees. The natural kid watch that reminded you it was time to get home, and that your dad didn’t care if it was summer.

“Ryan. Do you think you’ll remember me when you get older?” Jen said.

He looked at the girl he fell in love with. Her face was sad, and Ryan put his arm around her. She felt cold, and stiff against his body. “How could I ever forget you, we will be together forever.”

Jen smiled up at him. She pushed her head up to his and kissed his lips once more. The wetness lingered on his…

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