Sample from my book, Walter

Sample from Walter

Sample from Walter.

Walter heard his mother snoring in the next room. He laid staring at the ceiling, the last bits of his dream floating away. Brian had come to him in all his bloody glory.
“You killed me Walter.” Brian said. Blood and bits of the boys brain dripped down his cheek. “You said the words, you made it happen.”
In the dream Walter sat in Mrs. Lawson’s class. Only two desks were in the room, his, and Brian’s. Except Brian’s desk was turned back around facing Walter’s. The boy’s blood dripped in slow procession onto the top of the desk, making a watery plopping sound as it hit.
“I didn’t mean it! I was just mad Brian. You have been so mean these last couple of years.” Walter said. (Not being able to meet the other boys eyes).
“You killed me with your words Walter.” The Brian thing…

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