Sample of Night Portals #15

Sample of, The Curious Life of a Cadaver.

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He turned the lights off after filling me full of water and preservatives. A quick process that only took one incision into my carotid artery. A part of me that was already easily accessible, so it was no trouble for my old pal Robert. In goes the chemical and out goes my already coagulating blood. I don’t know how long I’ve been dead, but I think I was in the freezer for at least a day. I don’t feel anything, but I can observe at all angles. I look down at my body and see that it has plumped up to over twice the size it was in life. My chest and abdomen look distended. I remember seeing the body of a drowning victim once, this reminds me of that. My skin is purple and fish-belly white laid out in a splotchy pattern all over my body. I go back in and decide to stay in the shell that once was me. Just for a little while. It makes coping with my own death a little easier.

I signed papers to donate my body to science a long time ago. Never once thinking I’d be around to see what they did with it. All I can think of is that this is deserving. I can see the tan color of the ceiling. It is almost green. All of these rooms are greenish or at least have the feel of being green. I contemplate the color and my mind slips back to med school. Aw yes, I know somewhat of what awaits my mortal remains. I’d done it to that old lady a long time ago. She was my first victim you might say. She had the mercy of already being dead, unlike the others.

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