It has been a long ten years with this book.

I started writing Together We Cross the River in the summer of 2010. I lived in San Diego at the time and my life was very different than it is today. Today it’s better, but I did have more time to write back then.

My father had died about 2 years before and all the memories of him and who he was came flooding back. The father Jeff meets in the afterlife is based loosely on my dad.

This story came in a rush and I wrote most of it very quickly but I always felt like it was missing something. Finally, something clicked a few months back and here we are. It was the book that basically showed me I could be an author.

This book is something I’m very proud of and I’m so glad to present it to you. Together We Cross the River is live on Amazon and ready for you to pre-order it.

Amazon Description:

It took Jeff’s death to understand that the love for his wife Alyse transcended space and time.

He will encounter every demon, every evil deed, and a visit from a man that is the central cause of why Jeff is who he is. He has to go back to save his wife from her own premature death, no matter what the circumstances. But forces that he does not understand or see are underfoot.

Will he be able to save his wife? Or condemn himself to imprisonment in a limbo of isolation and sorrow. There are rules for taking up a human body. Jeff doesn’t care about those rules.

If you like Stephen King with an underlining mystical feel of Neil Gaiman, then you will love this book. Click on the buy button and start this paranormal adventure.


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  1. I have always enjoy reading your books, I have already pre-ordered & will definitely write a review. Can’t hardly wait to read it !!

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