Sample from, Aida, a short story in the Night Portals Boxed set

Sample from, Aida. A short story in my Night Portals Boxed Set

Ernie Howard

Sample from, Aida. Get it in The Night Portals Boxed Set

George’s breath caught in his throat. The ad had changed once more. The lady’s face changed. It was contorted into a surprised grimace.
Aida’s face was filled with so much terror and anguish, George had to look away, not recognizing his love. His heart, as they were so apt to say on every social media site that ever was. George barely recognized her anguished face as she hung in suspended animation. She was falling. And the man in the picture knew it. George stood looking at his own face contorted in a horrible grimace that would never wipe off.
“What are you doing here George?”

Read, Aida, HERE

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Sample from The Light through the Water

Sample of The Light through the Water

Ernie Howard

I remember…

I died when I was 8 years old. I drowned. It was summer and my father took me down to our dock to go for the first swim of my summer vacation. Being scared of the water for all of my short life, but having learned how to swim the summer before, fear had abandoned me to the point of blurring my self-preservation. I had become cocky. I barreled across the dock, with my bare feet slapping the boards, sending off hollow echoes across the lake that existed right outside our door. My father’s shouts to wait blew away, lost in the noise of my feet, and my shouts of glee.
I reached the end of the dock and with the summer sun on my back and sheer joy of no classrooms for the next three months, I launched myself into the air. There was a moment of…

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Red Hat, a flash fiction story

Flash Fiction story from a while back

Ernie Howard

Sherri glanced at the bumper sticker and had to laugh. Yes, a giant meteor might be better in this current political climate. It would definitely be better than the two bozos that had been chosen from them… Sherri contemplated a giant rock hitting the earth as she stood outside of the school that had been assigned to her to cast her vote.
She didn’t notice the man until she felt a hand on her ass. She spun around and stood staring at a man wearing one of those stupid red hats, and sporting an even dumber grin.
“What the hell?” Sherri said. She couldn’t believe what just happened.
“Get used to it sweetie. Once he’s in office things are going to go back to the way they were. The good days, when women knew what they were for.”
Sherri couldn’t stop herself. Her hand felt like it had…

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Sample from my new short story, Bus Stop

Got a new short story out. Here’s a sample.

Ernie Howard

The wind blows right through you late at night in the desert. It was especially bad when you had to sit on a cold metal bench at a bus stop with no barriers to block the damn breeze. I could always feel my bones chilled back then, on nights that I had no business being out. I’d go back to just being cold physically. You can do something about that. You can get warm again. I’ll never feel warmth ever again.
I was looking for revenge that night. Revenge over something that most sensible people would have let roll off their backs. But just like I had no buffer from the cold wind, I also had no sense.
He’d called my girl the C word. Yes, that one. This was after she’d denied Scott Harmony’s advances. The first offense got you beaten where I came from, and the second got…

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Sample of My title, The Pool

Sample from my title, The Pool.

Ernie Howard

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“There is no death. Only a change of worlds.”

Chief Seattle

Sample From The Pool

The front desk was empty except for a bored-looking oversize cat. It stared at Shawn as it licked its paw like a Popsicle. The cat glared as if Shawn was a soon to be a dead piece of prey that it would bat around a little before devouring, bit by bit.

Shawn moved slowly toward the desk, trying not to scare the obese cat. He didn’t like heights, but cats came in at a close second. As he moved closer, he heard the animal growl. It seemed to come from deep inside of the cat, reminding Shawn of a horror movie he’d seen where a woman was possessed by a demon. He’d almost made…

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Sample from Melody 8 Books 1-3

A sample from my book Melody 8 Books 1-3

Ernie Howard

Sample from Melody 8

“My mother used to sing to me when I was scared at night. When shadows in corners turned into drooling creatures who wanted to eat me. When the wind wasn’t just benign air, but a crazed demon bent on taking my soul and my body, bit by sweet bit. I’d lay my head on her chest to feel the vibration of her singing. The song would come out in low tones and hurried breaths, and just slightly off-key. I always thought my mother’s inability to hold a perfect tune made the song better. It was as if mom had put her touch on the song she’d chosen to sing. Her voice made pleasing chills go down my spine, and made my skin turn to goose pimples. I’d burrow deeper into the blankets smiling into my pillow. Mama would end the song and ask if I wanted…

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